Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reminiscing...and St Patrick's Day !

I think it must be that time...where we have started to think about old friends, neighbourhoods and the fun we had. Both my siblings are also at this stage of our lives and I am happy to say that we are re-connecting with our childhood friends.

It conjures up good times and bad, bike riding and scootering down a very steep hill, ( our street at one end ! lol ). Making up dances to our favourite 70's music, wearing our 'peace' necklaces, swimming the summer away at the beach and in our pools, great New Year's Eve parties with our Neighbours - oh, and so much more !

It would be great to meet up again and hopefully we all will, soon ! We are all different now, on the outside but 'yesterday' is right there , on the inside...

Wonderful memories and much to laugh and cry about...so much to share...

I also just wanted to wish you all a very happy " St Patrick's Day " , to all those that share an Irish heritage !

Bye for now.


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