Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making Memories....Easter is here !!!

Wow, time truly is flying by, yet again...

Here we are at the end of yet another busy and hectic School term and now we are looking forward to a yummy and restful " Easter " long weekend and one week of School Holidays to follow !!!

Although I am interested in the Religious meanings of the Easter Long weekend, we are also a family of and with our own traditions and so am very much looking forward to being with my extended family and making new memories for our children to remember...

Of course the thought of scrumptious roast pork, crunchy potatoes and all the trimmings , followed by chocolatey treats, would make anyone's mouth drool...haha

The smell of the meat cooking in the oven, flows deliciously through the whole house and greets our visitors at the front door !!! Something we remember from one year to the next...

" Happy Easter " everyone and I hope you all have a great and well earned 'long weekend' !!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reminiscing...and St Patrick's Day !

I think it must be that time...where we have started to think about old friends, neighbourhoods and the fun we had. Both my siblings are also at this stage of our lives and I am happy to say that we are re-connecting with our childhood friends.

It conjures up good times and bad, bike riding and scootering down a very steep hill, ( our street at one end ! lol ). Making up dances to our favourite 70's music, wearing our 'peace' necklaces, swimming the summer away at the beach and in our pools, great New Year's Eve parties with our Neighbours - oh, and so much more !

It would be great to meet up again and hopefully we all will, soon ! We are all different now, on the outside but 'yesterday' is right there , on the inside...

Wonderful memories and much to laugh and cry much to share...

I also just wanted to wish you all a very happy " St Patrick's Day " , to all those that share an Irish heritage !

Bye for now.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hectic Life !!!

Well...I started off originally with so much to say and so much inspiration to write and then...nothing !!! LOL

I think though, life just becomes so hectic sometimes - family life, illness...that you loose what you started out to do or be, to change I have to crawl my way back to that good and new 'space' I had found myself in !!!

I am excited to say that I am very much looking forward to furthering my spiritual quest, by attending Lisa William's Mediumship weekend in just a few months !!! I am hoping to learn much and be with like minded people as well as meeting many 'Lisa' friends for the first time !!!

So I do have so much to look forward too !!!

My second youngest daughter celebrated her birthday this weekend - always a fun-filled time, spent with family and friends !!! It did have me reminiscing though, about where have the years gone...but at the same time, what a great future lies ahead for us all...

Bye for now and I hope to write again soon !!! (Amazing how when you think there is nothing to could go on forever...haha)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Care for the Disabled

This is a topic that has been on my mind before but seeing yet another 'story' on a nightly news program, brought back just how in need they are...

It is so sad to see that young people who are disabled, either from birth or due to a head injury, are placed into Nursing Homes...I understand this is all that is available and that they do their best to give the 24 hour care required but it has been said by families, that they are not able to obtain vitally needed physiotherapy, to help them slowly gain back, the use of their bodies.

Funds are desperately needed , so that specially built 'homes' can be built for these young people, who should be allowed to live together in a bright and happy have fun and to be out in the sunshine, whenever stated also, on the news program.

Some families have pooled their resources in one area, to make such a home possible but this is not always financially possible for others...and so the responsibility has fallen onto the family, who struggle with this daily care, in their own homes...

I wish there was an easy answer, perhaps the corporate sector could include this, when deciding who and what charity to help each year...that would be wonderful...

Something we all need to think about for " There But For the Grace of God, Go I ".

It is on my wish list of people to help, should I ever have the means to do so...

In fact this is close to my heart more than ever now, with a friend who may or maynot recover from an injury to her brain and who may need such care...

I hope everyone has a great week and take care.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day and other special times...

What a wonderful day, was Valentine's Day and it was a great feeling to watch other shoppers walk by, as we ate lunch, smiling and laughing while holding single roses and teddy bears !

It was definitely a 'feel good moment'...I saw love between partners and between friends and although we should and do show this everyday, it was still a moment in time, to just say, how 'special you truly are' , to each other...

I love Christmas and Easter also, because this is a time when we all get together as a family - the giving of gifts, enjoying our favourite foods and spending quality time together. We celebrate many other occasions also with extended family and so it makes for a busy but fun year and I wouldn't have it any other way !

Happy Valentine's Day ! Not long now till Easter and yes, I have already had my favourite Hot Cross Buns and a teeny, tiny Easter Egg ! Haha

Have a great week everyone !


Friday, February 12, 2010

Friends around the world !!!

It was not more evident than today, how much I love my friends from around the world. Shared interests and joining forums and chat rooms, Skype, Facebook and Twitter, have all contributed to many of us making wonderful friends for life !!!

Trying to multitask, chatting on 3 or more different chat 'mediums' , while watching the opening of the Winter Olympics today was incredible fun !!! It simply amazes me still, how we can all be so far apart but so close together and enjoy something as if we were all in the same room together ...

We are not able to get together quite so often these days but when we do, it is obviously meant to be and all the more special...we cried so many tears of laughter...nothing like it...

I can't wait for us all to meet up one day , plans are in the making...I can only imagine the fun we will have !!!

To top off the day, the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics was spectacular !!! Although saddened by the death of an athlete...

Aloha !!! and have a great weekend !!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

School Bullying

An incident happened at my daughter's High School yesterday, of which she yet again, stepped in to try to break it up and to 'rescue' her friend, being bullied and threatened.

Her friend was surrounded by a group of kids (cowardice in numbers ???!!!) and so it was a very frightening time for all...these children have just started High School and are younger than the children they are targeting, scary to say the least !

Sadly some of these 'bully' children, I understand must have a reason for doing this and need help immediately but I also know of others that are 'tossed' around from school to school (private and public) creating havoc wherever they land !

One can only hope, that with all the new policies brought in, to deal with the problem of " Bullying ", will also include councelling for the bullies and their families, to break the cycle and allow them to become better students and members of society before it is too late...

I am so very proud of my daughter for being a good friend, for helping others at the risk of her own safety and for not being afraid to report these incidents.

Footnote: These children are being suspended for their actions and if it continues, there will be other consequences, thanks to the School Policies in place.

Thanks for 'listening' !


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life Changes

I have reached a time in my life where I am looking forward to re-entering the workforce !!! I have been actively looking for the past few weeks but along the way I have suffered many doubts - too old, chronic illness, been away too long and caring for my home and family.

I have had to dig deep to find the courage and motivation to write a resume and apply for positions, with not much knowledge of what is required these days but I also know, like everything, it will all fade and fall into place as I become more experienced once again. One can only accomplish something by at the very least, trying...

I am looking forward to a new phase in my life, a reason I think I am here today, writing this blog.

Have a great week everyone !


Introducing Myself and Welcome !!!

Welcome everyone !!!

I have created this blog as I have many friends around the world and I thought it would be a great place to share our " Every Day Life ", both good and bad !!! I hope to blog as regularly as I can, on life experiences and to share with others.

Your comments will be of great value, as you also share your opinions, therefore helping others.

I am not professionally trained but as a wife and mother of many years, I hope that we can make this an informative and fun place to be and to share our daily life and experiences.

Thankyou once again and looking forward to seeing you here !!!